Benghazi Timeline shows what difference it makes, Hillary | #Benghazi #Impeach

DERELICTION OF DUTY |  H/T Grassroots Radio Colorado & @KenGRRC

hillaryObama Did Nothing to Save American Lives in Benghazi–and Lied About It | via @BreitbartNews

The real story emerges today when Leon Panetta and General Martin Dempsey testified in a second Senate hearing today on the Benghazi attack of September 11, 2012. I’ve put the pieces of the puzzle together for you below:

What really happened starts to emerge:

  1. theyknewPaneta:    Obama and General had pre-scheduled meeting the night of the attack (2/7/13)
  2. General:  We never received a request for military backup (2/7/13)
  3. Obama:  Absent during Benghazi (2/7/13)
  4. Hillary:   No word from Hillary during the attack (2/7/13)
  5. Panetta:  Obama MIA all night (2/7/13)
  6. Hillary:  What difference does it make?

What difference does it make?

  1. obamahandflag09/12/12 Video: Free speech prompted cycle of hate blame game
  2. 09/16/12 Rice: Spontaneous’ Libya Attack Was Prompted by ‘Hateful & Offensive Video’
  3. 09/27/12 Filmmaker arrested on probation violation but judge cites “lengthy pattern of deception” – if it was so lengthy, why did they not arrest him earlier?
  4. 10/25/12 Obama told CBS hours after attack he thought it was pre-planned, but went along with video story anyway?
  5. 11/12/12 Petraeus dismissed 2 weeks prior to hearing – Did the same gotcha info used to keep him from running for Pres keep him silent on Benghazi?

The Truth     

  1. 11/01/2012      Attack took 7 hours and CIA was on site 1 mile away wihin 25 minutes
  2. 11/04/2012      CIA operatives had targets painted in Benghazi
  3. 12/11/2012       Defense Dept. had live video feed
  4. 10/26/2012      Panetta: “You don’t deploy forces into harm’s way without knowing what’s going on,” Panetta said. “(We) felt we could not put forces at risk in that situation.”
  5. 02/07/2013      Tale of two senate hearings
  6. 01/23/2013      Hillary denies Rand Paul she had knowledge of CIA annex.
  7. 02/07/2013      There was a plan for gunrunning to Syria
  8. 02/07/2013      Pentagon leaders backed plan to arm Syrian rebels
  9. It was the anniversary of 9/11 attacks and no security was at the consolate in Lybia – a top hot spot for Americans in the middle east?  WTF?

FOUR died!  Obama, Hillary, and Rice lied!  That is what difference it makes!


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