Teacher publishes homemade “Fuck You” indoctrination video for students and is still teaching


Parents Never Notified; Indoctrination Rampant in JeffCo

In a story, Twitter Too Hot For Teachers, 9News reported last week on the tweets of a Cherry Creek School teacher that contained half-naked photos and a claim of possessing marijuana on school grounds. I was instantly reminded of another teacher, and a video he created and posted on his student-only Facebook page. I stumbled across it a while back online and it never escaped me.

The video has been deleted from his YouTube channel; a copy was downloaded upon discovery and has since been renamed and mirrored. WARNING, the video below is extremely vulgar.

The video was made by an 8th grade Jefferson County Public School (JeffCo) government teacher at West Jefferson Middle School in Conifer, Colorado. Mr. Cushing is very dedicated, both to his students and his extreme left political cause. Mr. Cushing bragged on his Facebook page about creating the video in iMovie. More alarming findings below


The Facebook page on which the video was promoted is described by Cushing on his “teacher profile.” The video was not shown in his classroom, but raises questions about the material he does show his students.


Since the filing of an official complaint with JeffCo School district, Mr. Cushing’s Facebook accounts have been scrubbed and locked down; he remains in the classroom teaching 8th grade government at the same school.

The school district refused to elaborate on their investigation or what action, if any, was taken. Since they did not ask me for the names of students I recorded as his Facebook friends, it’s safe to assume they ignored my request to notify parents.

A concerned JeffCo parent saw the post on Facebook and was denied by Mr. Cushing the opportunity to observe inside his class, even after she offered up time to volunteered for him. In fact, she was slandered, referred to as a “honey badger,” and denied access into Mr. Cushing’s class, even as a volunteer.


In the thread above, the first comment is referring to the rant of a high school biology teacher David Reber, who was complaining about parental feedback and input into their child’s classroom.  He wrote:

“In what other profession are the licensed professionals considered the LEAST knowledgeable about the job? You seldom if ever hear “that guy couldn’t possibly know a thing about law enforcement – he’s a police officer.”

Message to Mr. Reber: When a parent hands over their child to a school for up to 8 hours a day, they deserve the respect of being heard by their child’s teacher. Clearly you hold no value in the input of parents. And neither does Mr. Cushing.

Mr. Cushing thinks he has the authority to bypass parental rights and treat your minor children like adults. Once he realized I was going to report him, Mr. Cushing posted this on his student-only Facebook page to explain why he scrubbed is posts.


roadruckYou will also note the participation of Mr. Rick Roadruck in the previous comment thread screenshot (the one with the Honey Badger comment) who is a JeffCo school administrator at Evergreen High School.

You can see him posing for the camera in a most creepy and unprofessional manor while holding the student code of conduct manual, as if to intimidate the students under his watch.

He has since changed this from being his profile picture and locked down his Facebook page as well.

Roadruck and Cushing are just a small display of the gross negligence and disrespect of parental rights in JeffCo that stem from within their own culture of destruction under the leadership of JeffCo superintendent Dr. Cindy Stevenson.

Video not an isolated incident

This video is not an isolated incident in JeffCo public schools, and it is clear why this teacher remains in front of his class. Dr. Stevenson also believes greatly in her students and her cause.

During a board meeting, she bragged about violated the district’s own policies and using tax dollars meant for students to send the director of their Diversity Office to receive an award from the National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME).

SIDE NOTE: This organization honors the NY Radical Teachers’ Collective, Ward Churchill, charlatan Al Sharpton.  The award was presented by terrorist Bill Ayers himself. NAME instructs teachers in how to play the “race card.”  Jeffco’s Diversity Office provides zero contribution towards academic achievement and has been acused of touting the Muslim Brotherhood with its advocacy of Sharia Law.

During the 2010 school board election, Dr. Stevenson also bragged about using a study by the Center for American Progress as a ruler to measure academic return on investment. Since when did the radical left wing think tank of John Podesta become a standard measure of academic achievement?

famericaDr. Stevenson also allowed the chastising of a student for wearing a border patrol t-shirt and then allowed another group of students to pose for a supposed art project on school grounds holding weapons and signs that said, “Fuck America.”

Dr. Stevenson and the staff at Dakota Ridge High School deny handing out Planned Parenthood coupons to minors. The student who provided the copy to Spotlight said he obtained it in the school’s administration office. Planned Parenthood is often brough into schools to teach sex education, so it is not far fetched that these would be handed out. It is suspected that they track coupon usage by school given the school’s initials, DR, are on the coupon; they may even be color coded.

Jeffco schools administers a Make Your Voice Heard Survey every other year to students in grades 2-12. This is being done without parental consent. It was announced last year that the student responses would be tracked by individual identifiers- specifically the student’s district assigned student ID #. What is it the school district needs to know about your child- that you shouldn’t know? One parent demanded the district show her the survey and her son’s results. After two weeks of persistent requests to see her sons survey, intense discussions on Grassroots Radio (April 20, 2012), an announcement to legislators at the state capitol, and a threat to file a federal complaint- the school district finally provided her with her 8th grade sons completed survey. It turns out the district was not honest about the questions they were asking students. They violated Colorado’s open records request and failed to provide the records requested.  In fact, students came forward with questions pertaining to gun ownership in the home, drug and alcohol use, truancy, and abuse topics within the home.

In neighboring Denver Public Schools, a pilot program for teacher evaluation called LEAP (Leading Effective Academic Practice), was recently exposed by a Denver teacher. It’s based on the passage of Senate Bill 191 in 2010.  Within one of the evaluation guidelines is a section which says teacher must do the following to obtain a “distinguished” rating:

  • Encourages students to challenge and question the dominant culture
  • Visuals and artifacts represent various cultures/world groups
  • Encourages students to take social action to change/improve society or work for social justice

There is a disturbing pattern of incidents that are endemic to the culture of destruction in Jefferson County public schools. In JeffCo, 58% of 10th graders are NOT proficient in basic math, and 20% of 3rd graders are not proficient in basic reading; that is 1 in 5 kids can’t read at grade level. In a district of about 85,000 students, this should be alarming.

Nearly 70% of Colorado students are reading at grade level, a slight increase over 2011. About 56% are proficient or above in math, essentially flat over last year. Dr. Stevenson, along with the state and country, blame these failures on lack of funding, yet JeffCo receives nearly $1 billion in state and federal funding annually, which is about 1/5 of Colorado’s general fun. The problem is not dollars, it’s a broken system and failure of parents to pay close attention to what is happening right under their noses.

How far should schools go in making decisions as to what is best for your kids without involving you, the parents? Does the classroom extend beyond brick and mortar into the world of social media? If so, where is the line between a teachers First Amendment rights and their responsibility to uphold a certain moral standard and example for our children? And how transparent should classrooms be? Is a live video stream and access to recorded copies for parents asking too much?

These questions will remain unanswered until parents, in mass, start paying more attention and demanding answers. The only guideline that exists is your watchful eye and those indoctrinating your children are banking on the fact that you are not paying attention.

JeffCo Schools’ contact information is available on their website.

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2 comments on “Teacher publishes homemade “Fuck You” indoctrination video for students and is still teaching

  1. WOW! You Are getting upset over a man who posted a video depicting members of Fox News who are all proven and documented liars, biggots, and in general misinformed hate mongers. The fact that he believes in a different set of politics than you do is reason to not be his friend or be in the same circles he is in is fine. To use your distaste with his political views on HIS facebook page to potentially negatively affect his kob is outrageous. I shared this with some of my friends who work in a law firm and they are shocked that someone like you is not being brought up on charges. You are a sick individual who needs to do something better for this world than go after a teacher who did not do anything wrong. You have taken politics too far. You need to think about Jesus and how he really lived his life. The Mitt Romneys of this world are going straight to hell! F**K you very very much! Shame on you

    • First of all, you clearly did not read the article because my beef was with far more than this outrageous video, which has NO place inside the classroom. My distaste? Whatever pal. I’m not the one who made this vulgar video. Second, this was a Facebook page for “Students,” as such, he asked for it, and it violates his own school district’s policies and procedures. If it were on his private page, that would be a different story. Third, take your socialist trolling self off my blog. Oh, FYI, there is nothing about Romney in this article and for you to assume that my authoriship of these sad facts includes supports for Romney, well that just shows your lack of intelligence. Clearly you are a product of such in the public education system. bye bye

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