CO GOP Chairman Ryan Call Seeks Reelection

An email was recently sent out from the Colorado state GOP chairman.  The subject:  “Chairman seeks re-election.”  There has been much buzz on social media about this email, and it’s not pretty.

Why is the CO GOP Chair issuing an official reelection announcement campaign email from the official CO GOP email, and using the official CO GOP email list and resources?  The email even indicated “paid for by Republican Committee.”

Will the other candidates for GOP chair have the same access?  Those of us who know better know that they will not.

Included in the email was a laundry list of supposed “endorsements” for Call and his bid at reelection.  I know that several on the list did not endorse Call, yet he took it upon himself to falsely advertise support he clearly does not have.  To say that is arrogant is an understatement, and sadly, it’s just the beginning.

It should be acknowledged that the Chairman does have access to the bully pulpit, but to blatantly use GOP resources for personal campaigning purposes should be challenged by the other candidates.

We saw this same abuse during the 2012 Presidential primaries.  I received an email during the primary via the same email list promoting one candidate.  There is no question about it; the establishment behind the CO GOP does not care about its own unethical behavior.

This does beg the question: why does our Chairman know how to play dirty with internal politics, but seem to not know how to play that way in the General Election?

In his email, Call went on to toot his own horn, and boast about his successful tenure as Chair.  Really?

When he first became state party chairman, Republicans held a one seat majority in the state house and were down six seats in the state senate.  Now, under Call’s leadership, Republicans are down five seats in the state senate and nine seats in the state house.  This is NOT what one would call a success.

Why can’t we even be honest with our own?

One establishment insider asked under a Facebook post about the ethical issues behind Call’s email if “we were recruiting a circular firing squad…..again?”  A circular firing squad?

The CO GOP is doing just fine all by itself shooting itself in its own foot.  Electing RINOs (Republicans in name only) who carry the weight of the left is NOT better than losing the seats to liberals.  At least with a liberal, you know what you are gonna get.  Until the GOP faces this fact, they will continue to lose its base and its races.

In order for the GOP to put principle over party, it must first have principles (an accepted or professed rule of action or conduct.)  Obviously, this does not exist within the GOP in Colorado.

This is not to put down Ryan personally, nor his staff and colleagues; I guess kind of it is.  But don’t let my vetting cloud the fact we all come with our imperfections and strengths.  I have my fair share, and I know Ryan does have some very strong qualities about him; however, the actions behind this email do reflect that behind his tenure and leadership.  I know from personal experience, just the same, as I have been treated (along with some friends) exactly like grassroots activists mentioned in the open letter referenced below.  Such actions do come with consequences as I suspect might be seen at the next CO GOP central committee meeting.

There is a lot of new and smart talent in the wings.  The problem is, as in any organization, those in power don’t want to be challenged.  This is especially true if you have a valid basis to challenge, which is clearly the case in Colorado this year for Call.

The current administration refuses to acknowledge its own failure, and the rebuilding of our party cannot begin without this admission.  The party will remain irrelevant until it rebuilds and rebrands.  People can donate to candidates without having to go through the party; in fact, the only thing the party is good for is ballot access.  If the CO GOP does not make systematic changes in their operations, they will continue to spin their wheels and lose more races.

If the GOP was winning races and held the majority, then they would have the leeway to dictate to the grassroots, but that is not the case.  Republicans need all the help they can get. They have zero control in Colorado.  The Dems hold the governor’s office, the state house and state senate majorities.  It’s a repeat from 2004.

One would think Colorado would be the first to learn from the lessons of “The Blueprint,” birthed right here in Colorado.  It seems, however, Colorado is in dead last on this learning curve.  The CO GOP establishment is in no place to alienate anybody, let alone conservative grassroot activists.

Not the case with Ryan Call who recently got caught red-handed in an open letter trying to rid any conservatives who refused to go along with the establishment agenda – that against its own party platform.

The CO GOP needs real leadership.  Will they find it?

They might if those in power stop trying to exercise centralized command and control over their grassroots organization.  Isn’t that form of governing what they are fighting against in the federal government?

It is time for the establishment to step aside, welcome in fresh faces and fresh ideas.  Clearly, theirs are not working.

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