Class warfare: Fiscal cliff bill tells successful ‘You shouldn’t have built that’


Our PUTZ the POTUS just signed the Fiscal Cliff Bill Class Warfare Bill in Hawaii…yes, he returned to Hawaii yesterday to rejoin his family on vacation after he and Congress stuck it to us all up the you know what, AGAIN! 

Lest we forget Obama just gave Congress and Biden an EFFN RAISE! Ooooh, I’m so frickn mad.

So, I thought I would share my facebook post with you all along with a twitchy compilation of tweets (linked below)  from Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy team just after the Fiscal Cliff bill passed yesterday…

Thanks to all the ASS HOLES in Congress who voted to raise my social security tax by 2%. My check is small enough as it is and it’s not like I will EVER see any of my Social Security contributions. I have MANY choice words for these posers, but will leave the wrath of God to the man upstairs. What comes around goes around . I think all of us “produceres” should to look for work “under the table” keep our earnings, and apply for unemployment like all the illegal aliens. Malone Labe (COME AND GET IT!) #WAR

Originally posted on Twitchy:

Welcome to 2013: Class warfare is now the legitimized.

As Twitchy reported, the House passed the crapwich known as the fiscal cliff bill late last night. The trainwreck of a bill raises taxes, while doing next to nothing to cut spending.

But, whatever! Stick to those Richy Riches who need to pay their “fair share,” huh, President Obama?

Sometimes, you’ve just made enough money and all. Small businesses

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