9 Things I learned in 2012 | @SeanHackbarth

Before watching the ball drop, flipping the calendar, and writing the wrong year on everything, I want to take a moment and look back on 2012. The business and economic writers at The Atlantic put together a list of what they learned about business and the economy in 2012. Drawing from the top 20 most-popular  stories on Free Enterprise and other observations I put together a list of my own:

  1. The app economy is more than fun, games, and Angry Birds.
  2. Thank goodness for hydraulic fracturing, shale, and the oil and natural gas boom.
  3. Paul Krugman has some weird economic ideas, and it’s even weirder when some people applauded the idea of Krugman as dictator.
  4. People like reading about Death Stars and Twinkiessometimes together.
  5. People like Bono praising entrepreneurship.
  6. People don’t like people who drink and tale illegal drugs on the job.
  7. There are some former EPA employees who really, really don’t like oil and gas companies.
  8. The health care law could force millions into part-time work.
  9. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney’s view of how the President rejected the Keystone XL pipeline is different than reality.

I wish you all a happy and healthy 2013.

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