Dem “Chaz” Tedesco Fined for Campaign Finance Violations


27 December 2012

Adams County Commissioner-elect, Chaz Tedesco, Fined for Campaign Finance Violations

A Colorado Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) gave newly elected Adams County Commissioner, Charles “Chaz” Tedesco, a Christmas present this year via her Christmas Eve ruling on a campaign finance complaint filed against him by conservative activist, Jen Raiffie. The gift was $1000.00 fine for accepting a prohibited contribution from a corporation, and for failing to report occupation and employer of contributors.

Raiffie, founder of a new online conservative watchdog group, Spotlight On Corruption, filed a complaint with the Colorado Secretary of State office on October 22, 2012 and alleged various campaign finance violations which included a $250 corporate contribution from Mendoza Demolition Services, Inc., and more than 30 alleged instances of failing to accurately report occupation and employer as required by Colorado’s Fair Campaign Practices Act.

This is not the first time Tedesco has made the news. Back in October, CBS4 Brian Moss reported on how he caught Tedesco on camera lying about his criminal past. Additionally, local Adams County blogger, Tony Hake, blogged about how Tedesco’s past is marked with personal finance woes on his blog, Tony’s Rants.

In a statement, Raiffie said, she filed the complaint to raise awareness in her home county. “If Chaz can’t manage his own personal finances or his own campaign finances, how is he going to manage that of the county purse?”

“I wish I could have filed this complaint earlier,” Raiffie said, but she only started vetting Tedesco after viewing the Brian Moss report. She said “there is a troubling trend we have seen in the past from our politicians and one which we simply cannot tolerate any longer.”

Democrat Chaz Tedesco beat Republican Donnia Howell in the District 2 race to replace Commissioner Alice Nichol. Raiffie said that Chaz represents little change from the scandal-tainted Nichol, given that a lot of the money that backed Nichol also backed Tedesco.

The hearing was initially set for November 6, 2012 (Election Day), and was rescheduled for December 5th after the ALJ granted a motion from Tedesco’s attorney, Manual Solano, for a continuance. Solano, husband of former State Representative Judy Solano, also represented a key defendant in the Quality Paving scheme that defrauded taxpayers out of millions of dollars.

By the time of the hearing, only 5 of the 30 contributions in question remained uncorrected and/or subject to fine which included Mrs. Corinne Rodriguez (wife of DNC member Mannie Rodriguez), Mr. Bruce Goldberg (Principal at Allied Recycled Aggregates), Mr. Steven O’Dorisio (Deputy DA in the 17th Judicial District Attorney’s office), Mr. Robert Fleming (Cherokee Investments Inc, doing business as Adco Consulting), and the corporate contribution from Mendoza Demolition Services, Inc.

A fine of $10 per day (for 50 days) for contributions from Rodriguez and Goldberg were issued along with a $500 fine for accepting the corporate contribution. Fines were not assessed for Fleming’s contribution because it was not highlighted on the original complaint filed. There was also no fine assessed for the O’Dorisio contributions since both his contributions were under $100 and the ALJ did not consider the aggregate total for the reporting requirement of occupation and employer which was misrepresented for the young attorney.

Amongst those corrected prior to the hearing were contributions from liberal activist Pat Stryker (not a consultant with the Denver Post), and area politicians such as Sheriff Doug Darr, Commissioner Skip Fischer, State Representative Cherilyn Peniston and State Senator Mary Hodge, amongst others; these were all originally reported as retired, which is obviously not the case.

December 27th Interview on Grassroots Radio

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