Colorado Teacher Union Coordinator Gets Caught “Off Camera”

District 12 Education Association Teacher Union “Coordinator,” Lori Goldstein, gets caught “off camera” at a teachers protest in Adams County, Colorado on October  17, 2012. Lori really opens up to me about her role, once my camera was “off.”

Teacher Union Organizer Caught “Off Camera” by jraiffie

The teachers were protesting a 2% pay reduction to help cover the mandated increases to their Public Employe Retirement Association (PERA) fund, which is an unfunded taxpayer mandate. The Adams 12 Board of Education decided the teachers should help pay into their own retirement. None of the other classified Unions in the district had a problem with this decision, but the Teacher’s Union is not too happy.  Their protest signs, printed courtesy of Colorado Education Association (CEA) maintains they put students first.

The final phase has been completed and the board will discuss the issue of the pay reduction in public and take final action at this week’s board meeting pursuant to provisions in the contract.

If you only attend one school board meeting in your life this should be the one!   Bring a friend!  I hope you can make it down for this meeting as it will be one of the most important in the history of our district. I will be there to cover the event.

The board meeting will be held at the Adams 12 ESC located at 1500 E. 128th Ave., Thornton, CO  80241 and will begin at 7:00 PM.  Spotlight On Corruption will be there to cover the event.

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