The Stalinist at Montclair State

Source:  Stacy McCain

Smitty blogged about this Monday, but amid the election excitement, I worry that it may have been overlooked. During an Oct. 25 debate at Montclair State University, Professor Grover Furr denied the systematic mass murders committed under Soviet dictator Josef Stalin:

“What you said is a bulls–t. It’s wrong. It’s a lie. . . . I have yet to find one crime that Stalin committed.”

Watch the video again and notice (around 1:50) that there is applause when Professor Furr makes his adamant defense of Stalin:

It is genuinely frightening that this apologist for totalitarianism is tenured at a state university, and doubly frightening that students would applaud him. A reporter for the student newspaper evidently didn’t even realize that what Professor Furr said was controversial, which tells you a lot about how dangerously dumbed-down our education system has become. The murderous brutality of Stalin is one of the best-established facts of 20th-century history, and whatever “research” Professor Furr claims as the basis for his bizarre revisionism is likely akin to the “research” of Holocaust deniers, 9/11 Truthers and other fringe crackpots.

Gabriella Hoffman reported this at College Reform and Front Page Magazine, and it was also picked up by World Net Daily, but . . . that’s it?

I mean, you have this lunatic praising Stalin at a public university in New Jersey and the New York Times can’t be bothered to take notice? Is the strange career of Professor Furr undeserving of attention by, say, the Chronicle of Higher Education? Is this not newsworthy?

Hoffman takes this rather personally because, as she explains at her own blog, her family fled the Soviet Union. What I can’t understand is how this Bolshevik creep could be hiding in plain sight on a university faculty without attracting widespread notoriety.

David Horowitz’s Discover the Networks has a profile on Professor Furr, who teaches multiple “humanities” courses at Montclair State, assigning a syllabus crammed with radical anti-American writers. Professor Furr is the author of a book, Kruschev Lied, which presents itself as “proving” that Nikita Kruschev’s famed 1956 denunciation of Stalin was false:

Virtually everything we thought we knew about the Stalin years turns out to be wrong.

That’s from a flattering review of Professor Furr’s book by Roger Keeran, a “labor studies” professor at Empire State College (part of the State University of New York system), who is co-author (with Thomas Kenny) of Socialism Betrayed: Behind the Collapse of the Soviet Union. Thus it would appear that pro-Soviet “history” is something of a fashionable trend in academia, and that the comrades in the faculty lounge openly promote Stalinism on campus with impunity. But if Howard Zinn is now deemed respectable, this shouldn’t really surprise us.

UPDATE: Montclair, N.J., is in Essex County, which voted 77% for Obama. Maybe that explains something, huh?

UPDATE II: Montclair is also home to many elite journalists, including the executive editor of the New York Times.

So that probably explains something, too.

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2 comments on “The Stalinist at Montclair State

  1. Please contact Dr Emily Isaacs at . She is the chairman of the dept where Prof Glover Furr works and ask for him to be removed from his position as a denier of communist atrocities. His position is the same as saying that Hitler did no crime and he never killed anyone, and that would not be acceptable

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